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时间: 2023-07-04




1、 Time has faded from the memory. 时光,淡忘了回忆。

2、Being with you makes every moment in my life breathtakingly beautiful. 和你在一起,我的生活每个瞬间都美好得让人屏息。

3、There will always be people who'll hurt you, so you need to continue trusting, just be careful.

4、 I love him, be dead set of love. 我爱他爱的死心塌地。

5、The best things in life are unseen,thats why we close our eyes when we kicry and dream. 生命中最美好的都是看不见的.,这就是为什么我们会在接吻,哭泣,许愿的时候闭上眼睛

6、I wish I could freeze time and spend eternity with you. 我希望能定格时间,永远和你在一起。

7、 I has tasted the sweets and bitters of life. 我尝遍了人生的酸甜苦辣。

8、我才不着急进入更高一级的恋爱呢,我连三年级的功课都不想做。I don't try so hard to enter a higher level of love, I don't want to do homework three grade。

9、i send my miss to the scattering stars and wish you a sweet dream under the light shedding through your window想将对你的思念寄予散落的星子,但愿那点点的星光能照进你的窗前,伴你好梦

10、I never understood the meaning of true love until I met you.直到遇见你,我才真正明白了真爱的含义。

11、May the world be more gentle and may you be less sad(愿世俗多点温柔,也愿你少点难过。)

12、If equal affection cannot be,let the more loving be me。

13、There is a love, my forever; there is a meet, will let you feel grateful; there is a person, can make you a lifetime to cherish.

14、I wish I bad a different life. I wish I was braver and prettier …or just happy. But it's useless to dream, because nothing ever changes.(我希望有不一样的人生。自己更勇敢,漂亮…至少要快乐。做梦也是没有用,因为不会有任何改变。)

15、The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. 这个世界上最美好和最美丽的东西无法被看到甚至触摸,只有用心才能感受到。

16、 I still love, only less than with persistent. 我依然爱,只是少了点执着。

17、爱人至少要在心灵方面没有欠缺,如果只是身体的欠缺,那还不失其可爱。Love not lacking in soul, at least if it is the lack of the body, it also does not lose its cute。



19、You are my soulmate, my forever love. 你是我的灵魂伴侣,我永远爱你。

20、如果不爱他的父母、同志和朋友,他就永远不会爱他所选来作他妻子的那个女人。If does not love his parents, comrades and friends, he will never love the woman he selected for his wife。

21、In addition to you,and who is eligible walked around in my heart.除了你,还有谁有资格在我心里走来走去。

22、 You are my unforgettable pure friendship! 难忘是你我纯洁的友情!

23、I didn't cry, just suddenly learned to miss it.


25、孤独不是与生俱来的,而是由你爱上一个人的那一刻开始!Loneliness is not innate, but by you fall in love with a person's that moment!

26、 I am faling in love with you. 我深爱着你。

27、没人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry。

28、Your smile is the sunshine that brightens up my day. 你的微笑是照亮我一天的阳光。

29、If you can get happiness safe, who may displaced.

30、he sands in your an is ething ,set it free,if it comes back to you ,it is yours.

31、Now understand, the original one can be sad, no emotion, no language, no expression.

32、one word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.that word is love. 有一个词可以让我们摆脱生活中所有的负担和痛苦,那就是xxx爱情xxx。

33、看到你,我怕触电;看不到你,我需求充电;若是没有你,我会断电。See you, I am afraid to get an electric shock; Can't see you, I need charge; Without you, I will power outages。

34、In your arms, I feel safe and loved.在你的怀抱里,我感受到安全和爱。




37、because of loving you so much that i stood aside although my figure left you away, my heart didn’t today i have made up my mind to say “i love you”正是因为爱才悄悄的躲开,躲开的是身影,躲不开的是默默的情怀;今天 终于鼓起勇气,向你表达 的爱。 中唯美的句子

38、You are the reason why I believe in forever.你是我相信永远存在的理由。

39、And you think that love is only,For the lucky and the strong.你说,爱是唯一,我们那么幸运,我们矢志不渝。

40、You make my heart skip a beat every time I see you.每次见到你,我的心都会因你而跳动。



43、I’m tired of looking for the perfect guy. From now on he can look for me.

44、Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you've been together, it's all about how much you love each other every day. 爱情不是关于你们在一起多少天、多少周或多少个月,而是关于你们每天彼此有多爱对方。

45、 If without you, where is my future. 如果没有你,我的未来在哪里。

46、今生我什么都放弃了,惟独没有放弃你、今生你什么都没放弃,惟独放弃了我。This life I what all give up, but didn't give up you, you what all don't give up this life, but to give up me。

47、You are not just my love, you are my life, my strength, and my reason to breathe. 你不仅是我的爱,还是我的生命、我的力量和我呼吸的理由。

48、Some people eone strong is to have someone needs to be protected.

49、有时候两个无法了解的人在一起,会比他们一个人的时候更加孤独。Sometimes can't understand two people together, will be more than one of them alone。


51、In this chaotic world, you are the only constant that I can rely on. 在这个混乱的世界里,你是我唯一可以依靠的不变之物。

52、Together we make a perfect circle, our love never ending, our bond unbreakable and our souls intertwined forever. 我们在一起形成了一个完美的圆,我们的爱永不停息,我们的纽带坚不可摧,我们的灵魂永远交织在一起。

53、Wisdom is the art of knowing what to ignore.

54、With you, I feel like I've finally found my soulmate. 和你在一起,我感到我终于找到了我的真爱。


55、You must be a surprise someone is looking forward to .(你一定是某人期待的惊喜。)

56、When I look into your eyes, I see a world in which I want to stay forever.当我看进你的眼睛,我看到一个我想永远待在的世界。

57、适当地用理智控制住爱情,有利无弊,发疯似的滥施爱情,有弊无利。Properly use rational control of the love, good has nothing to lose, without love like crazy, disadvantages。

58、You never belong to me, or love me as always, but my heart will always belong to you, until I leave the world.

59、 Love you as you fade all pride. 喜欢你才为你褪去所有的傲气。


61、学会用理解的,欣赏的眼光去看对方,而不是以自以为是的关心去管对方。Learn to understand and appreciate the vision to see each other, not in order to opinionated care to pipe each other。

62、I'm working toward the slice of the unknown future step away, never stop.

63、Maybe what I can do is not so much but I’ll always be with you when you need me.

64、Love does not consist of gazing at each other ,but in looking outward together in the same direction.爱不在于彼此凝视,而是注视着同一个方向。


66、 That’s one of the things I like about you, You’re strong. 这是我喜欢你的一个地方,你很坚强。

67、Holding your hand feels like coming home.握着你的手,感觉就像回家一样。

68、Being with you makes me realize that happiness truly exists. 和你在一起让我意识到,真正的幸福是存在的。

69、爱别人,也被别人爱,这就是一切,这就是宇宙的法则。为了爱,我们才存在。Love others, also loved by others, that is all, this is the law of the universe。 In order to love, we did not exist。